Professional Water Damage Restoration in the Peyton, CO Area

Water and flood damage can be catastrophic, causing thousands of dollars in loss. Visible signs of water damage can include wet drywall, saturated carpet, paint blisters, etc. Most people don’t know where the water damage is present within the structure and materials and how far it spread. Only meters or thermal imaging cameras can detect precisely where water is present. If you’ve noticed some signs of water damage in your property, you’ll probably need water damage restoration. At Property Restoration Solutions, we provide this service in and around Peyton, CO. Call us now to receive our professional assistance.

Water can Damage Many Areas on Your Property

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Some areas don’t need to be flooded to experience water damage. A small leak can do destructive damage if not treated in time. It can also promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can affect your health and limit your insurance coverage in the medium term. Even if water is only visible in the carpet, some materials are 90% of the time involved, such as:

  • Subfloors or Concrete
  • Padding
  • Tack Strips
  • Wall Studs and Plates
  • Drywall Wicking
  • Insulation
  • Baseboards
  • Etc.

Once the water is detected and a plan for the type of water has been determined, we proceed to dry efforts or remove materials.

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Has your home faced water damage or flood damage? Then request our water damage restoration services in the Peyton, CO area today. At Property Restoration Solutions, we work with all types of insurance and can develop an estimate quickly. We provide the most attentive and honest service in the area. Contact us today and get your free estimate!

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Has your home faced water damage or flood damage? Then request our water damage restoration services.

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